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The Story of USA Dance

Story of USA Dance

USA Dance, known nationwide formerly as USABDA, was formed in 1965 to promote the acceptance of ballroom dancing into the Olympics. At that time the late Norman Martin, a leading social and competitive dancer and ballroom dance champion, organized a group of interested amateur dancers to petition the Olympic Committee for inclusion of Ballroom Dancing into the Olympics.

Those early efforts to get into the Olympics failed but in developing the USABDA by-laws, it was realized that the dance world of the American Amateur went far past accommodating the "International Style" competitors who were interested in the Olympics. As the founders of USABDA worked on defining the dancing guidelines and needs to be considered in developing the By-laws, the American Style competitor and a vast number of serious and dedicated Social Dancers suddenly came into view.

The resultant By-laws of USABDA addressed three very important areas of association - the International Style competitors, the American Style competitors and the Social dancers. Those early-on plans of USABDA, while helping the competitors to compete nationally and internationally, also helped set the stage for the availability of floors, music and venue for the Social dancers which then were and still are, the backbone and strength of USABDA.

In March 2005, USABDA changed its name to "USA Dance". The name change was necessary because it was felt that the name "United States Amateur Ballroom Dancers Association" was too cumbersome to use, as a result almost everyone used the acronym USABDA. This left the non-dancer with no idea as to what USABDA was about. The new name, USA Dance" is more "user friendly" and gives a clear message as to what the organization is about.

USA Dance has developed into a nationwide non-profit organization of thousands of volunteers who love ballroom dancing and appreciate the excitement and romance, as well as the social and health benefits, that ballroom dancing brings into their lives.

At grass roots level in communities, colleges and secondary schools all over the country USA Dance provides opportunities for the public to engage in affordable social ballroom dancing and DanceSport. Beginners are welcomed, helped to get started and then assisted in achieving their goals. USA Dance's goal is for everyone to ballroom dance.